Sammy’s Amazing Race

The birthday parties I remember when I was a kid weren’t the ones where I was getting the presents. I’m sure I had delightful birthdays, but the ones I really remembered and most enjoyed were the ones for my friend, Rogan.

Rogan’s parents are geniuses. His dad was a professor at Kent State University, and with Rogan’s mom, they arranged the most fun, delightful and creative birthdays imaginable. They tended to be elaborate games that were some combination of Capture the Flag, an off road biking adventure, food fight, and Lord of the Flies. More than 30 years later, I still remember and treasure those parties and the resulting scars.

I’ve tried to give my daughter the same kinds of birthdays. Some have hit the mark, others not so much. But two weekends ago, we had what I’d call one of the better birthdays. We called it “Sammy’s Amazing Race.”

Race cards

The birthday race cards filled with clues

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